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  • Maximize In-Store Sales With Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

    This course explores how the Meta Discovery Commerce system helps enable omnichannel marketing, and how advertisers can use store solutions to create seamless online to in-store experiences to increase in-store sales. This course also discusses how to measure the impact...

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  • Grow your audience with Advantage+ app campaigns

    This course explores Advantage+ app campaigns and how these campaigns can help grow mobile app audiences. You’ll also discover how to implement Advantage+ app campaigns and discover strategies to help campaigns succeed. Don't see any events here? Be sure to...

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  • Reach Your Business Goals with Reels

    This course prepares you to design and create entertaining reels on Instagram. Use Reels to help new audiences discover your business and level up your creativity. Don't see any events here? Be sure to log into Blueprint to access a...

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  • Troubleshoot the Marketing API - Advanced Marketing Developer

    The Meta Marketing APIs are a collection of Graph API endpoints that can be used to help advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Meta provides tools to test and troubleshoot Meta-specific assets, such as access tokens, and a streamlined way to...

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  • Generate high-quality leads with Meta technologies

    This course explores how you can achieve, and optimize for, quality leads using lead generation solutions across Meta technologies. Don't see any events here? Be sure to log into Blueprint to access a variety of events scheduled.To log in, head...

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  • Marketing Science

    Marketing science is the robust use of data to make better marketing decisions that are grounded in data and science. This instructor-led course is a set of four sessions designed to help learners prepare for the Meta Certified Marketing Science...

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  • AR in a Box - Logic: introduction to the Patch Editor

    The lesson focuses on building more complex effects with the Patch Editor. The Patch Editor is a Spark AR Studio visual scripting tool that helps you add animations, interactivity, logic and other features to your effects without writing code.In...

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  • The WhatsApp Business Platform for Effective Business Messaging

    This course explores how the WhatsApp Business Platform can benefit customers and businesses across the customer journey. The course provides guidance for learners to connect business objectives to the features of the WhatsApp Business Platform and helps learners to avoid...

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  • AR in a Box - Augmented reality face tracking effects

    In this module, you’ll create two face tracking effects in Spark AR Studio: a face mask effect and anchoring a 3D object to the face. You’ll also cover Spark AR publishing policies that help ensure your effects are accepted...

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  • AR in a Box - Augmented reality world tracking effects

    The lesson focuses on building a world tracking effect using the Spark AR Studio world object template and a 3D object. This effect involves inserting a 3D object (dog) in a user's environment. Don't see any events here? Be sure...

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  • Use Shops to help increase your sales

    This course guides learners through the process of getting set up in Shops. Learners explore the benefits of using Shops to get their products discovered by more people on Instagram and Facebook. This course also highlights ways to use product...

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  • Get Started with the Insights API

    This training explains how to properly set up, implement, and troubleshoot the Insights API to be more compatible with increased privacy protections. It also helps developers better measure the performance of their advertisements. Don't see any events here? Be sure...

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  • Create a sunglasses try-on effect

    Wind & Wool is a fictitious brand with both an ecommerce site and brick and mortar stores. The brand is launching a new line of tie-dye sunglasses and wants to create excitement for the new look. In this workshop,...

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  • AR in a Box - Building reusable blocks

    This lesson covers how to create a block that contains 3D assets and patches and replicate that block multiple times within a project. This will result in a world effect in which a dinosaur is surrounded by several UFOs....

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  • Build a world effect for an automotive brand

    This workshop helps prepare learners to take the certification exam with hands-on practice building a world AR effect for ENDOmoto, a fictitious automotive brand. The ENDOmoto marketing team wants to use AR to help them build awareness of their...

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  • AR in a Box - Visual shaders

    This course covers how to build visual shaders and use render passes to change the appearance of a face effect. Don't see any events here? Be sure to log into Blueprint to access a variety of events scheduled.To log...

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  • AR in a Box - Patch groups and patch assets

    This course covers how to create patch groups to work more efficiently in Patch Editor and convert patch groups to patch assets that can be shared with other Meta Spark creators. Don't see any events here? Be sure to...

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