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  • Build a game effect for Joystick Studios

    In this workshop, you’ll create a game effect for the fictitious business, Joystick Studios, that lets people control a UFO on screen using the face tracker. As they move the UFO to dodge space rocks, they’ll collect diamonds to...

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  • AR in a Box - Adding interactions and audio to effects

    This lesson covers how to add interactions and audio to effects. Students will add a picker interaction and audio to the rigged 3D object (dinosaur) that was animated in lesson seven. When complete, the user will be able to control...

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  • AR in a Box - Creating animated effects in Meta Spark Studio

    This lesson provides an overview of the different ways students can animate 3D objects in Spark AR Studio. Students will animate an unrigged 3D object (UFO) with Patch Editor and animate built-in animations embedded in a rigged 3D object (dinosaur)...

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  • AR in a Box - Optimizing assets in Meta Spark Studio

    This course provides key techniques for optimizing 3D assets to maximize performance and reach for Meta Spark Studio effects. Don't see any events here? Be sure to log into Blueprint to access a variety of events scheduled.To log in,...

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  • WhatsApp Business Platform Overview

    The WhatsApp Business Platform is a programming language interface that enables businesses to communicate with their customers in a secure and reliable way. This course guides you through best practices for implementation, including conversational design, selecting use cases and solutions...

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  • Upgrade your advertising with Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

    Built for direct-to-consumer or single brand online retailers, Advantage+ shopping campaigns is a first-of-its-kind always-on solution that leans on new machine-learning models to connect relevant ads to shoppers with implicit and explicit intent. With ASC, advertisers can create a...

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